Sandy Sanford

Sandy Sanford became immersed in standards-based education in 1970 and began teaching in California public schools in 1989.

He has served as a classroom teacher, mentor teacher, site administrator, and district administrator of categorical programs, assessment, accountability, and research & evaluation.

In 2000 Sandy created a laboratory to develop better methods for gathering, analyzing, reporting and using assessment data to guide the instructional process in a standards-based educational environment. In 2001, he committed his data laboratory to direct support of the Riverside County Achievement Teams in California.

For the past five years Sandy has presented across the country with the US Department of Education’s Teacher-to-Teacher workshop program. Sandy actively participates as a team member in SAIT, DAIT, and other program improvement efforts.

Sandy provides consulting services in instruction, assessment, accountability, data analysis, trouble shooting, standards development, and more to schools, districts, and state agencies across the country.

Sandy holds master’s degrees in both education and systems management and a doctorate in education.